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Wireless, lightweight headset
Wireless design avoids annoying wires and lets you move freely within a 33-foot range. Lightweight under-the-chin design eliminates unwanted pressure from traditional headsets.

Rechargeable headset
Simply place the headset on the transmitter to charge. A full charge allows for over 9 hours of uninterrupted use.

Dual volume control
Separate volume controls for each ear allow for even more specific settings. Set each side to suit your personal needs without affecting the volume of the television. Controls conveniently located on the headset.

Works with most TVs or audio devices
Includes adapters to enable use with almost any television (including all flat screens), stereo, or audio device. Quick and easy to set up.

No radio or electronic interference
No interference from electronic devices such as cordless phones, wireless networks, microwaves, etc.

No need for ear piece covers
Simply clean ear pieces with a damp cloth. No expensive covers are necessary.

Works with multiple headsets so more than one person can listen at the same time. Each person can listen at a different volume. No limit to the number of headsets that can be used with a single transmitter. Additional headsets available separately.


AC Adapter
RCA 3.5mm stereo adapter
For stereo televisions and other audio devices with left and right audio output jacks
Headphone adapter
For televisions and other devices with a small headphone jack
2 AAA rechargeable batteries

Download Instruction Manual (PDF)


Enjoy TV in Bed without disturbing your partner  

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