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Infra-Core Premium Far Infrared Saunas
Saunacore has developed the ultimate sauna system!

It’s a dual-purpose sauna that can function as a conventional sauna
OR as a FAR Infrared sauna.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with your personal spa!
Enjoy a conventional sauna OR enhance your experience by switching
to the Infra-Core mode for added health benefits.

All Saunacore Dual Saunas consist of pre-built, pre-fitted wall
and ceiling panels, pre-hung door, heater, ceramic emitters, rocks,
heater guard, backrest, light, pre-made benches, vent louver,
duck boards and all necessary hardware.

Complete custom capabilities are also available for panel-type saunas.

Optional wood choices include Clear Western Red Cedar and American Poplar.
Saunacore ensures that every detail is made certain. Benches are assembled
from the bottom while all walls are blind nailed to assure that no metal
is exposed in the sauna.

You may also choose different style doors for a unique characteristic to your liking.

Infra-Core Premium Far Infrared Saunas

Product Features Barrel Outdoor Saunas
Infra-Core Custom Designed Saunas
Many of our clients require a specific size sauna to fit in a unique area.
We specialize in custom units. Create a one of a kind sauna by working
directly with one of our custom design staff. Saunacore may build a personal
far infrared sauna with any choice of wood and an adhesive free sauna to meet
your specific health requirement. (Inquire for details.
Certain conditions may apply).

Constant Concentrated Infrared
Because Far- Infrared Rays travel in a straight line, conventional
Infrared heating elements cannot reach every part of your body.
Infra-Core’s patented Far-Infrared Heaters are coiled in a concave
shape to allow for a much more concentrated range.

In addition we use additional emitters to ensure a broader range
of Far-Infrared dispersion throughout the sauna. So no matter how
you are positioned in an Infra-Core Sauna, whether you are directly
in front of a heater or not, your WHOLE BODY is effectively receiving
the beneficial Far-Infrared Rays

Pure Ceramic Heaters
Infra-Core Sauna’s patented pure ceramic Far-Infrared heaters
are more effective at lower temperatures and LOWER WATTAGES because
ceramic requires much less energy to heat than steel.
Also our Rapid Air System enhances Far-Infrared penetration and
detoxification process by cooling emitters for an even greater
concentration of Far-Infrared. (Patent Pending).

SS Grills
#304 Surgical Stainless Steel grills
(felt coated grills may release gases).

Infra-Core Control
Command II control panel with a safety shut-off timer
is standard on all models. After the preset cycle is
complete, the heaters turn off automatically.

Cedar Backrest
For additional protection, Infra-Core adds a protective
grid which doubles as a backrest to shield your skin from
the heater grills.

Infra-Core Technology
Using cutting edge technology. Infra-Core Heaters produce
Far-Infrared light like the sun’s, but without harmful
Ultraviolet Rays (UL) or Electromagnetic Field (ELF)
radiation. Infra-Core Heaters emit a very safe EMF
Gauss reading.

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