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No larger than a soda can, it packs easily for travel!

Don t let the small size fool you. This compact device delivers the very same pressure profiles as the expensive and bulky hospital style pneumatic compression massagers.

Choose from three different pressure levels for massaging away aches and muscle stiffness. Or choose the exclusive therapy mode to provide a gentle, yet effective, massage that delivers a boost in circulation in the leg andfoot.

Can help to relieve swollen feet caused by blood pooling due to sitting for long periods
of time.

Operates on just 2 AA Batteries.
Fits calf sizes up to 20 inches.

Pressure Settings:
Green 70 mmHg compression
Yellow 100 mmHg compression
Red 130mmHg compression
Mode 1 10 minute massage
with peak pressure at
set level.
Mode 2 10 minute massage
alternating between 2
pressure levels.
Mode 3 Therapy Mode -10
minutes at 45mmHg
peak followed by 20
minutes rest, then repeats.
Modes 1 and 2 are used to relieve muscle
aches and pain.
Use Mode 3 for circulation improvement.

Ideal for travel!
The World Health Organization reports that air travel of four hours or more doubles the risk of developing dangerous
DVT. If fact, any trip exceeding 4
hours by car, train or bus also increases

Vitaleg was developed in conjunction with one of Japan’s leading authorities on the prevention of DVT. The unique Therapy Mode delivers a patterned massage with a compression pressure of 45 mmHg, identical to that delivered by expensive hospital units. Without the hassle of large boots or sleeves, the provides a gentle yet effective massage that results in improved circulation in the legs and feet.

Doctors and hospitals recognize intermittent pneumatic compression massage (IPC) as a safe and effective means of preventing the formation of dangerous DVT

. Many hospitals routinely apply pneumatic compression boots to all patients undergoing surgery or who are bed ridden for long periods of time.

IPC provides an increase in circulation by mechanical action on the deep veins of the leg. When the veins are compressed, the blood is forced up the leg, back toward the heart. This prevents the blood from pooling into the feet and lower leg.

The action is similar to that which takes place when you are walking. The muscles of the calf contract and relax when you walk and, in turn, cause the pumping action on the deep veins of the legs.

With the Vitaleg, just 10 minutes of massage will result in a temporary circulation improvement. Use it on one leg, then remove and apply to the other leg.

Whenever you are seated and immobile for long periods of time, use the every hour or so to keep the blood flowing.

It is estimated that there are more than 2 million cases of DVT annually, resulting
in over 200K deaths. That makes it the fourth leading cause of death after Heart
Disease and all Cancer.
DVT is often silent or asymptomatic and, therefore, goes undiagnosed. However,
a pulmonary embolism (PE) as a result of DVT can cause sudden death.

Some risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing a DVT are:

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