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The TV Listener converts sound into invisible infrared light waves just like your TV remote. The featherweight headset then converts these light waves back into high fidelity stereo sound, all without annoying wires or a bulky headset.

The TV Listener will work with any TV, stereo, audio device or other sound source. That’s because all adapters are included (monaural and stereo) as well as a microphone adapter in case your TV does not have an audio output jack.

Infrared is clearly the technology of choice for serious listening. The sound quality is superior to radio frequency devices because there is no interference, no tuning adjustment, and no frequency drift. In addition, the TV Listener is backed by a six month limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Now one person can enjoy TV while the other sleeps, reads, or studies. The TV Listener is also great for the hearing impaired because it allows one person to listen to TV at a high volume and not disturb others in the same room.